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ChatGPT +
300 Financial apps


Manage investments, payments, and bank balances through Our AI Chatbot Assistant.
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Connect All Your Financial Accounts

KapitalValet provides real-time access to track all your stocks, crypto holdings, and cash balances in one place. You can effortlessly check your balances without having to log in to each of your investment, checking, or crypto accounts.

  • Connect All Investing Platforms
  • All Your Accounts in One Place
  • Check Balances - from Robinhood to Coinbase to your Bank

Seamlessly Transfer Assets

KapitalValet simplifies asset management by enabling you to transfer assets effortlessly between your connected accounts. Be it a bank transfer or moving crypto assets from one platform to another - it's all possible with a simple command.


  • Facilitates Bank and Crypto Transfers
  • Streamlined Asset Management
  • Move Funds from Binance to Coinbase, or Between Banks with Ease

Smart Payment and Bill Tracking

With KapitalValet, there's no need to juggle multiple apps and accounts to manage your bills. Connect to your regular bill accounts, track your payments, and even make payments, all within a single interface.


  • Connect and Track Bill Accounts
  • Make Payments through Chat
  • Say Goodbye to Multiple Logins

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